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Welcome to Distributor José Fontes e Hijos

A Company aiming for excellence

Distribuidora de alimentos José Fontes e Hijos S.R.L., is a national company with  more than 30 years in the Uruguayan market, distributing nourishing products.

A leading company in its line, specialized in the distribution of high quality and very important products in the local and regional market, such as  lactics, porks, chickens, eggs, ice and súper frozen.


At the moment Distribuidora de alimentos José Fontes e Hijos S.R.L.. covers  an extensive zone of the south of Uruguay with an important and modern fleet of vehicles, which are equipped with cold and freezing chambers, in order to keep the quality and freshness of products that distributes. Its modern, big and updated plant of storage is equipped with the infrastructure and technology according to the activity that develops, cold chambers with temperatures  between 10º and 30º celsius degrees subzero, qualified people in handling the products, operating  the machines, dealing with clients and suppliers and distributing in time.

Distribuidora de alimentos José Fontes e hijos S.R.L. is a company with an every day objective, the excellence of its products and activity that develops.




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